Education & Training

Many universities are now being called upon to increase their contribution to regional and state economic growth and development. Their response has been to place stronger emphasis on entrepreneurial education, which has included sponsoring and encouraging student and faculty research intended to spur technological innovation, as well as providing specialized training and assistance to strengthen entrepreneurship within established businesses. Some universities have also established Entrepreneurial Institutes or Centers for Entrepreneurship.

An important part of the Planned Innovation® Institute’s mission is to help universities integrate the Planned Innovation philosophy and approach into their curricula to better prepare engineering, science and business students to enter the work force as highly productive employees and successful entrepreneurs. This includes providing assistance with the establishment of Entrepreneurial Institutes or Centers for Entrepreneurship, particularly those that place an emphasis on technological innovation.

The Planned Innovation Institute is well-qualified to provide such assistance.

We welcome opportunities to share our expertise in Planned Innovation in a variety or ways, such as:

If your university would like to explore a possible partnership with the Planned Innovation Institute, please contact us.