"Systematically applying the Planned Innovation principles can play a critical role in helping companies achieve strong growth with new products."
––Dwane Baumgardner, Chairman, CEO and President, Donnelly Corporation
"Innovation is key to the long-term growth and profitability of any enterprise...and Planned Innovation is the proven way to assure it!"
––Norman A. Barkeley, Chairman, Ducommun Incorporated
"Having used Planned Innovation in a variety of businesses of all different sizes, and under several conditions, I find it applies and is successful wherever there is a serious management commitment. The results are dramatic."
––Russell R. Coyner, Executive Director, BIFMA International
"Planned Innovation has made a significant contribution to our growth through new product development. Applied with some discipline, these principles will avoid false starts and improve chances of both a technical and marketing success."
––Anthony J. Carbone, Executive Vice President, The Dow Chemical Company
"With enormous success, I have used the concepts expounded by Bacon and Butler in my consulting work. This is a must-have formula for the marketer of the 21st century and for all organizations looking to successfully introduce new products and services into the marketplace."
––Ken Grant, Deputy Head, Department of Marketing, Monash University, Melbourne Australia
The (Planned Innovation) system is a combination of philosophy and procedure that brings together scientific reasoning, market orientation, continous pursuit of opportunities, rigorous follow through, and multi-functional involvement..."
––Gerry Stern, Editor, Stern's Management Review