Our Mission

The Planned Innovation Institute was formed to advocate, apply, and continue to refine the use of "Planned Innovation®"— a market-oriented, scientifically-based, entrepreneurial approach to achieving higher levels of sales and profits in new or existing firms.

Our primary mission is to help manufacturing organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals, achieve continual growth and success via commercialization of technologically-based innovation. Firms that follow the Planned Innovation approach typically experience a dramatic increase in new product success rates, faster time to market, lower risks with no major failures, and increased profitability.

Our secondary mission is to help select universities integrate the Planned Innovation philosophy and approach into their curricula to better prepare engineering, science and business students to enter the work force as highly productive employees and successful entrepreneurs.

Through this dual mission, the Institute seeks to contribute to overall economic growth and development by influencing and encouraging successful commercialization of technologically-based innovation.