Picture of Achieving Planned Innovation Book Achieving Planned Innovation: A Proven System for Creating Successful New Products and Services, authored by Frank R. Bacon, Jr. and Thomas W. Butler, Jr., is available on-line at Barnes & Noble,, and PDMA. It was published by the Free Press Division of Simon & Schuster in 1998 and can be ordered by bookstores everywhere. This book was written as an executive summary of the total Planned Innovation system, showing how the newer Product-Market Analysis techniques have been integrated with earlier materials. The book also provides further documentation of successes obtained by firms using the system. A number of illustrative examples are included, along with enough detail to show how the components of the whole process fit neatly together and can be implemented.
Picture of Planned Innovation Book The earlier 2nd edition of Planned Innovation, by the same authors, was published by The University of Michigan originally in 1981 and reprinted five times until 1996. This book is valuable and useful to this day as a complement to the more recent one, because it illustrates the application of P.I. to numerous new products. Many of these products, or their descendants, are still available today. The book also underscores the fundamental, timeless value of the Planned Innovation philosophy and process. The earlier edition is still in print and available by emailing your request to
Picture of Basic Marketing Book Basic Marketing A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach, 17th Edition, by William Perreault, Joseph Cannon and E. Jerome McCarthy is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Dr. McCarthy, who is one of the Institute’s founders, pioneered the “managerial approach” to the study of marketing when he authored the first edition of Basic Marketing with its classic “four Ps” framework. Although the book has been updated on an ongoing basis to reflect marketing’s best practices and ideas, its unifying focus remains on helping a manager decide which customers to target and how best to satisfy their needs. This marketing-oriented focus and its underlying models are integrated throughout the Planned Innovation process and have been successfully applied in a large variety of firms and industries throughout the world.