Why Our Team is Effective

The Planned Innovation Institute has pulled together a highly experienced cadre of Planned Innovation practitioners. There are three overall reasons why this team is so effective at handling tough cases and solving big problems with a high success rate:

1. A Complete, Integrated System Based on Sound Principles

Planned Innovation was developed by people who were uniquely grounded in science, engineering and marketing. They combined fundamental principles of business, economics, and technology to develop a philosophy and process for getting correct answers to critical business questions. Refined over decades of use, Planned Innovation provides clients with a step-by-step process for making a sustainable, long-term impact on their company's bottom line.

2. Senior-Level People with Relevant Skills and Experience

The front-line people of the Planned Innovation Institute are all senior executives with decades of business and academic experience. Most of our members have both technical and business backgrounds. Our collective wisdom and insight are extraordinary. And we can implement Planned Innovation efficiently and effectively.

3. A Philosophy that Combines Coaching with Consulting

Many consultants don't share their internal workings. Once they create a plan and leave, their clients must implement solutions they don't fully understand. And clients don't learn how to answer similar questions in the future.

The Planned Innovation Institute offers a unique blend of consulting and coaching. We use a critical problem identified by the client as case material for its managers and R&D personnel to learn the Planned Innovation process. We mentor executives on how to implement solutions and how to reproduce the process after we leave.

Because we work side by side with a firm's executives, managers, and R&D personnel, while coaching them in the use of the Planned Innovation process and procedures, we accomplish the dual results of both problem solving and advanced training in a cost-efficient manner.