Why Our Approach Works

The Planned Innovation® approach is a combination of philosophy and procedures. More precisely, it synthesizes philosophy, models, concepts and a "tool-box" of procedures.

Our hallmark is "Predicting with Understanding" as a means of achieving success by identifying and capturing value. We have shown that it is possible to successfully predict the requirements for innovation with understanding extending beyond the customer’s awareness of need and value, and beyond the experience of firms serving those needs.

Predicting with Understanding is made possible by having a solid conceptual base, and procedures rooted in scientific method. That is why Planned Innovation is not just "rule-of-thumb" or "slogan-based." Instead, Planned Innovation uses explicit models reflecting imbedded concepts, together with well-defined, smoothly integrated procedures that implement all the details of the process with no missing links.

Our Formula for Success
Proper Emphasis on the Front End Pays Many Dividends

The Payoff

The net result is a pattern of continual growth in sales and profits obtained through a series of successful innovations in products and services without the cost of major failures. Such results, traceable directly to the use of the Planned Innovation philosophy and process, have been demonstrated in a wide variety of products/services and firms, as presented elsewhere on this site.