Unexpected Benefits That Surprise Many People

1. Creativity. Planned Innovation's use of selection criteria enhances creativity two ways. First, it gives people a Well-Defined Problem, which is easier to solve than a general problem. Second, it sets up Selective Perception, which helps people find opportunities better in a noisy environment by tuning their senses. Plus, by communicating selection criteria to everyone in an organization, even more people can bring in good ideas.

2. Sustainability. Planned Innovation is a catalyst. We take what you've got and make it work better. By teaching people to use the Planned Innovation process, we leave them with new knowledge and skills. They focus on projects with real impact. They take a more entrepreneurial view. They become wise stewards of their company. This creates lasting change.

3. Job Growth. Planned Innovation clients with steadily increasing sales and profits need more people to sustain their growth. That leads to job creation in the local economy. In cases where several companies in the same area have adopted Planned Innovation, it has been shown to improve the economic growth and vitality of the entire region.

4. Job Satisfaction. Planned Innovation demystifies decision making and creates more productive teams that trust each other. Increased delegation takes some of the burden off top management. Knowledge is fresher and more detailed. Organizations become more democratic. People report that Planned Innovation makes it more pleasant to come to work. Employees find their jobs more enjoyable and their whole emotional well-being is enhanced.

5. Career Advancement. Planned Innovation ensures good outcomes. We work with management teams and their success on current projects builds confidence and provides knowledge and tools for future success. In addition, our role as mentor/coach means we train your people as we solve the problem. Many managers trained in Planned Innovation have advanced to executive positions. And many CEO clients have used their successful results and training to qualify for even bigger jobs in other corporate divisions or separate companies.