Photo of R. Trezvant WigfallR. Trezevant Wigfall
Executive Vice President Consulting
Board Member




Mr. R. Trezevant Wigfall has worked with Planned Innovation® services and Drs. Bacon and Butler for over 34 years. He has participated in the installation of the Planned Innovation® process as a mentor, coach and consultant in many of the firms listed on this site. These include: Allied Signal, Asbojorn Habberstad (Norway), Dow Chemical (US and Europe), Dow Corning, Federal Screw Works, Lear Siegler, MACtac, Oliver Products Company, Owens Illinois, Sarns 3-M, Schlumberger, Steelcase, Xycom, and Irwin Seating.

Mr. Wigfall is a former Advance Development Engineer at Whirlpool Corporation. He received his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and MS in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology. He lives in Aurora, Colorado.