Robert M. Julier
Associate Member




Mr. Robert M. Julier completed a 34-year career with the Dow Chemical Company, where his last position was Global Director for Business Research. This position carried responsibility for providing competitive intelligence and business research for Dow's 16 global businesses.

After joining the firm initially as a research chemist for product development and technical service, he also held numerous management positions in Business and Market Research. He was Manager of the Planned Innovation® process for Dow where he was the principal company interface with the Planned Innovation® services group headed by Dr. Bacon. After being trained in all Planned Innovation procedures, he served as an in-house instructor, training over 100 Dow employees in Opportunity Analysis, and instructing Product Management Teams in Product-Market Analysis procedures.

Mr. Julier holds a BA in Chemistry from Lewis & Clark University, and has participated in Executive Education programs in marketing and finance at the University of Michigan and Northwestern University. He lives in Midland, Michigan.