Inherent Benefits That Result From Applying Planned Innovation

1. Objectivity. Planned Innovation professionals provide an objective outside viewpoint. We challenge assumptions and get to the right answers. We break down overconfidence. We measure a company's true capability for innovation. We find out how well your team is working. Then we teach people how to become more objective. So they no longer fool themselves that they have all the answers.

2. Discipline. Many companies rely on internal "folklore" instead of objective fact-finding. Planned Innovation provides a structured process for activities. Our clients' people learn the steps of how to be more successful. And they develop the discipline to follow them.

3. Vision. Planned Innovation increases trend awareness. It helps clarify strategic business direction. Clients create a vision of their future organization, including markets, assets, and needed partners. Plus, the training they receive in Planned Innovation helps managers see broader opportunities, e.g. for technology extensions.

4. Market-Oriented Culture. Planned Innovation is a culture-changing approach. It helps companies form a lasting market orientation. Our consultants help with management consensus building. We make everyone in the company more market-oriented and focused on innovation. Practiced long enough, the Planned Innovation process transforms entire companies into successful, world-class organizations

5. Team-Building. We help build cross-functional teams and identify team leaders. As decision making becomes more logical and transparent, employees become more engaged and embrace change. Informed transparency gets the whole company to participate. More decisions can be delegated downward. The culture becomes more productive and collaborative. When everyone understands what is being done and why, an attitude of trust and confidence develops.